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The Perpetual Customer Engine

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September 28 at 4:00 PM ET


A Special Note from Charles Mizrahi

Hey, this is Charles.

I want to welcome you as a VIP member for my special event:

The Perpetual Customer Engine.

See, before I ever invest a dollar of my own money into a stock...

I want to know that I’m partnering with a business that is obsessed with its customers.

Companies that think of their customers as partners ... and make it so easy and so effortless to buy their products...

Customers would never dream of doing business anywhere else.

That’s a Perpetual Customer Engine...

A finely tuned machine that generates an endless flow of customers...

Who develop a nearly unbreakable bond with the company ... and its products — and KEEP coming back again and again.

When you find a company like that...

Hold on tight — because shareholders can make absolute fortunes.

And that’s why I’m so glad to see you step up and claim a spot for this special presentation...

Because I have found a company that I believe has built what may be the single greatest Perpetual Customer Engine EVER...

In fact, it’s so unique – even Amazon doesn’t want to try and compete against it – in fact, Amazon’s a customer!

I have to tell you...

In my research into this company — I was so impressed by every new detail I turned up...

That I invested my own money to buy shares in this company.

And on Thursday, September 28, I’m going to give you the chance to see ALL the details of this incredible stock.

This is the official website for our event.

Every day, between now and our official launch day next Thursday...

I’ll be sharing with you powerful stories of how Perpetual Customer Engines have produced outstanding rewards for investors.

Companies that have developed true partnerships – where the customer and the company are joined at the hip.

And when that happens — the competition doesn’t stand a chance.

Companies that have built Perpetual Customer Engines — have gone on to deliver HUGE gains for shareholders.

And every day for the next week – I’ll be sharing stories of the greatest Perpetual Customer Engines ever.

You can access them by scrolling down this page.

Okay – that’s all I have for you now.

Keep an eye out for my emails every day.

And I’ll see you on September 28th!

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September 28
4:00 PM ET